What About Baseball is truly a throwback. A board game experience that goes beyond the game of baseball. In this age of digital distraction, it offers a welcome break from an illuminated screen. Step up to the plate and experience the true essence of the sport. Easy to learn, and simple to play, you'll love how What About Baseball combines the classic game of baseball, along with the refreshing social experience that board games provide for interacting with friends and family. It is a perfect blend of strategy and chance!

If it were any more realistic, you'd have to knock the dirt off your cleats.

Get the kids off the electronics!

Get the kids off the electronics!

Customer after customer say that their kids are interacting, enjoying themselves, having fun and spending time with friends and family without being stuck in front an electronic screen. Its the most realistic, old-fashioned baseball game ever created!

Who are you?

Who are you?

Looking for a gift for that lover of baseball? You're a new fan of the sport? A parent of a Little League player? Your significant other loves the sport? You just love boardgames? It doesn't matter who you are.

  • Anyone Can Play

    What About Baseball offers both basic and advanced game play styles to suit players of various ages and levels of experience. Our basic gameplay is perfect for the younger player (we recommend a minimum age of 8, but we have had feedback from players as young as 6 being able to play and understand our game!). Advanced gameplay incorporates wild pitches, balks, stealing bases, double plays and more! Everyone can enjoy themselves!

  • A Balanced Approach

    What About Baseball really does offer great flexibility with how it can be played. It is truly a winning combination of strategy and chance. Being a dice base game, there are traditional, exciting aspects based on chance with how your team performs. With the advanced play options, you also get to open up the strategy aspects, deciding whether to steal, go for extra bases and more.

  • Bond With Your Family

    Maybe you grew up playing baseball or softball in the local sandlot and diamonds, maybe you only watched from the stands, or maybe you never even watched a single pitch – you’ll be able to immediately join in and get in on the action in this fast-paced and easy-to-learn game. The instructions are posted in the product photos…see for yourself how easy they are to understand.

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Customer Reviews

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Would this game be good for a six year old to play? Just want to make sure it is not too advanced for him.

It would be good! Our rules are well written and easy to understand. We do recommend minimum age of age, but we've received feedback from customers that 6 year olds have LOVED our game!

How many players is this designed for?

It's best played with 2-4 players, but there aren't limits!

Would a 14 year old enjoy this or is it for younger kids?

Since there are 2 modes of play (basic and advanced) a 14 yr old can and will definitely enjoy it! Here is some direct feedback from other customers: "A 14-year old would definitely enjoy this. My 13-year old does." By Heather L., November 22, 2016 **** "Little tough to say. I think most 14-year olds, if playing against one another, might grow tired of it after a while. But then again, there's the ability to add in your own complexity to the dice rolls, so it could keep them tuned in much longer. My son just turned 9. He still pulls the game out on days he can't be outside and he enjoys teaching his little sister how to play. He also has me play with him on occasion and he, too, has inserted his own rules on the dice roll to keep things interesting. I love it." By Bateau J., November 22, 2016 **** "Our 13 year old enjoyed it much more than our 6 year old." AZ Customer, November 22, 2016

I've got an adult friend who loves both baseball and board games. Would this be a silly gift or a cool "outside the box" type of present for him?

"I think it's a great game. I play it with my kids one is 4 and one is 9. I also have played it with my wife. It's simple and all about luck but it's fun for a quick 30 min game. I would recommend it. I think you friend would love it." By Joshua P. March 1, 2015

Can you give me details on how this is played? My husband detests board games so I'm looking for something different for family game night

Absolutely! Check out the product photos, the full instructions are posted there!

We set out to make a versatile baseball game that could be enjoyed by girls and boys, from T-ball all the way up to the big leagues. What About Baseball offers both basic and advanced gameplay, rolled into one box. It's about fun....it's about time!