What About Baseball Trivia Edition

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  • 500 QUESTIONS of FUN and EXCITING baseball will help bring back family game night! Get some quality time and get to see who in the family really knows their hardball history.
  • No batteries required! Nothing electronic here! Take this compact set of baseball wisdom on vacation or to the ball field. Includes one die to dictate the action, as well as 500 awesome baseball questions.
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA, just like the original What About Baseball board game that inspired this trivia game.
  • Anyone can play! Don’t know a lot about baseball? Just use the questions marked as SINGLES or DOUBLES. Think you know it all? Play a full game and see if our TRIPLES and HOME RUNS strike you out or not. Ages 14 and up recommended.
  • What About Baseball Trivia Edition is perfect for the baseball fan that loves stats and facts about America's past time! Think you know it all? Take a swing and give it a shot!