Frequently Asked Questions

Is there free shipping?

All orders above $50 get free shipping.

Is there a refund policy?

Absolutely! We have a lifetime return policy, which means you can return the product any time for any reason minus shipping costs. 

Can I order replacement pieces?

Absolutely! We will be happy to replace most component requests free of charge.

Can this game be played by one person easily?

Yes, you can! Though it is more fun to play with 2 or more people

Can a six year old play this game?

Yes, they can. There are different difficulty settings so kids of all ages can play.

How many players is this?

It's designed for two or more players to have the most fun!

Does this game teach strategy (even indirectly)?

Yes, it's a great way for young people to learn the game of baseball. 

I've got adult friends who loves both baseball and board games. Would this be a silly gift or a cool "outside the box" type of present for him?

It would be a great game for your friend. This is a great game for all ages as the difficulty levels can be adjusted.

Can you download an instruction manual? 

Yes! Just click on the link here that allows you to ask a question. Then just ask for a pdf of the instruction manual.

How long does this game take to play in both basic and advanced modes?

The game will keep you entertained for an hour or longer.

Where can i find the "What About Football"game? 

It’s actually not launched yet! But there are some directions on the back page of your What About Baseball instruction booklet on how to be notified when it launches, as well as to register for a discount on it.

How many players?

It's best with 2 to 4, but there are no limits! We have customers that play solo, as well as more than 4 players.

Can you give me details on how this is played? 

Absolutely! Check out the product photos, the full instructions are posted here!

How does this compare to bottom of the 9th?

What About Baseball is entirely dice driven. There is no decision making involved or use of any other resource for results.