About Us

“Good luck, Sean. You’ll do beautifully!!”

My grandma wrote that on a small piece of paper around 2010, and it’s still stuck on my computer today as I type this.

My grandma, Patricia Smiley, was the best grandma a guy could ask for. We were very close. So I named my first business, Grandma Smiley’s, after her.

Since I started Grandma Smiley’s, there have been lots of ups and downs and adventures along the way. The biggest adventure occurred when I was able to acquire the What About Baseball brand in 2014.

I am as excited today as I was in 2014 for all the potential fun and cool things that can come out of this brand to entertain all baseball and softball fans, and reinforce their love of the game.

What started as one really cool board game has now become multiple baseball themed games, apparel and even an animated baseball bat named Matty the Batty. Seeing things go from an idea to an actual thing you can hold in your hand is the funnest thing ever.

Anyway - I don’t think anyone ever reads these things. But if you did...don’t you have something better to do? Haha! And here’s an easter egg: if you got to this line, email us and say “I agree with Sean, Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame” and we’ll send you a free gift on the house.

I don’t know what it will be. But life is boring, and things like this can make it a little less boring for you and me both.

Take care

What About Baseball